Ahmad Faraz Poetry

ahmad faraz poetry

Ahmad Faraz is a great Urdu poet. His poetry is very interesting and beautiful and deals with the everyday problems of human life and society. However, love and beauty are the common features of Ahmad Faraz Poetry. His long poem Muhasra is one of Urdu Literature’s greatest and most beautiful poems. Therefore, we have made a collection of Ahmad Faraz Best Poetry. Here you can read 15 verses (ashaar) of Ahmad Faraz Sad Poetry.

Ahmad Faraz 2 Lines Poetry

1. Ab tere zikr py hum bat badl dete hein | Ahmed Faraz Poetry

ahmad faraz poetry

اب ترے ذکر پہ ہم بات بدل دیتے ہیں

کتنی رغبت تھی ترے نام سے پہلے پہلے

Ab tere zikr par hum bat badl dety hein

Kitni raghbt thi tery naam sy pehly pehly

2. Dost hota nahin har hath milane wala | Ahmad Faraz Poetry

Ahmad Faraz Poetry

تم تکلف کو بھی اخلاص سمجھتے ہو فرازؔ

دوست ہوتا نہیں ہر ہاتھ ملانے والا

Tum tkalluf ko bhi akhlas samghty ho Faraz

Dost hota nahin har hath milany wala

3. Kitna asan tha tery hijar mein marna jana | Ahmad Faraz sad Poetry

Ahmad Faraz Poetry

کتنا آساں تھا ترے ہجر میں مرنا جاناں

پھر بھی اک عمر لگی جان سے جاتے جاتے

Kitna asan tha tere hijar mein marna jana

Phir bhi ik umar lagi jan se jate jate

4. Hum ko acha nahin lagta koi hun-naam tera | Ahmed Faraz sad Poetry

Ahmad Faraz Poetry

ہم کو اچھا نہیں لگتا کوئی ہم نام ترا

کوئی تجھ سا ہو تو پھر نام بھی تجھ سا رکھے

Hum ko acha nahin lagta koi ham-naam tera

Koi tugh sa ho to phir naam bhi tugh sa rakhy

5. Itna na yad a k tughy bhool jayn hum | Ahmed Faraz sad Poetry in urdu

Ahmad Faraz Poetry

اس زندگی میں اتنی فراغت کسے نصیب

اتنا نہ یاد آ کہ تجھے بھول جائیں ہم

Is zindagi mein itni fraght kisy naseeb

Itna na yad a k tughe bhool hayn hum
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6. Itna na yad a k tughe bhool jayn hum | Ahmad Faraz Poetry in Urdu text

Ahmad Faraz Poetry

اس زندگی میں اتنی فراغت کسے نصیب

اتنا نہ یاد آ کہ تجھے بھول جائیں ہم

Is zindagi mein itni fraght kise naseeb

Itna na yad a k tughe bhool jayn hum

7. Dil bhi pagl he | Ahmed Faraz sad Urdu Poetry

Ahmad Faraz Poetry

دل بھی پاگل ہے کہ اس شخص سے وابستہ ہے

جو کسی اور کا ہونے دے نہ اپنا رکھے

Dil bhi pagal he k us shakhs se wabasta hy

Jo kisi aur ka hone de na apna rakha

8. Har jany ka hosla he mugh mein | Sad urdu poetry in urdu text

ahmad faraz poetry

تو محبت سے کوئی چال تو چل

ہار جانے کا حوصلہ ہے مجھے

Tu mahabt sy koi chaal to chal

Har jany ka hosla he mughy

9. Ab k hum bichre | sad 2 lines poetry

ahmad faraz poetry

اب کے ہم بچھڑے تو شاید کبھی خوابوں میں ملیں

جس طرح سوکھے ہوئے پھول کتابوں میں ملیں

Ab k hum bichre to shayd kabhi khwabon mein milen

Jis trah sookhe huwe phool kitabon mein milen

10. Dil ko teri chaht pe bhrosa bhi boht he | sad poetry in urdu 2 lines

ahmed faraz poetry

دل کو تری چاہت پہ بھروسہ بھی بہت ہے

اور تجھ سے بچھڑ جانے کا ڈر بھی نہیں جاتا

Dil ko teri chaht pe bharosa bhi boht he

Aur tugh sy bichar jany ka dar bhi nahin jata
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11. Bandagi hum ny chor di he | Urdu sad 2 lines poetry by Ahmad Faraz

ahmed faraz poetry

بندگی ہم نے چھوڑ دی ہے فرازؔ

کیا کریں لوگ جب خدا ہو جائیں

Bandgi hum ny chor di he Faraz

Kia kren log jab khuda ho jayn

12. Kush is trah sy guzari hy zindagi | best sad urdu poetry

ahmed faraz poetru

کچھ اس طرح سے گزاری ہے زندگی جیسے

تمام عمر کسی دوسرے کے گھر میں رہا

Kuch is trah sy guzari he zindagi jesy

Tmam umar kisi dusre k ghar mein raha

13. Ye bhi boht he agr tugh ko agar bhool jayn hum | best sad urdu poetry

ahmed faraz poetry

اب اور کیا کسی سے مراسم بڑھائیں ہم

یہ بھی بہت ہے تجھ کو اگر بھول جائیں ہم

Ab aur kia kisi sy mrashm brhayn hum

Ye bhi boht he tugh ko agr bhol jayn hum

14. Ay meri jan k dushmn tughhe Allah rakhe | sad 2 lines best urdu poetry

ahmad faraz poetry

عمر بھر کون نبھاتا ہے تعلق اتنا

اے مری جان کے دشمن تجھے اللہ رکھے

Umar bhar kon nibhata he taluq itna

Ay meri jan k dushman tughe Allah rakhe

15. Mugh se bichar k | Sad Poetry in Urdu text

ahmed faraz poetry

مجھ سے بچھڑ کے تو بھی تو روئے گا عمر بھر

یہ سوچ لے کہ میں بھی تری خواہشوں میں ہوں

Mugh sy bichar ke tu bhi to roy ga umar bhar

Ye soch ly k mein bhi teri khwahishon mein hun

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Ahmad Faraz Biography

Ahmad Faraz was born at Nav Shahra (1931-2008) Punjab, Pakistan. His real name is Syed Ahmad Shah, but he is commonly known for his pen name, Ahmad Faraz. He was educated at Islamia College Kohat. Later on, he joined the university in Peshawar and got M.A Urdu and Persian degrees. In his early career, he was a radio producer. Afterwards, he became a lecturer at Islamia College Peshawar.

However, he was totally against and disapproved the dictatorship rule in Pakistan. Therefore, he had been in jail for some years. So, he imposed self-exile on himself and went to Europe and spent his days there, also in Canada. Moreover, he has been bestowed with many awards for his literary achievements like Abaseen Award, Adamji Award, Kamal-e-Fun Award, Hilal-e-Imtiyaz award, and Hilal-e-Pakistan.

Poetry Career

Furthermore, if we talk about his poetry career, he began writing poetry at an early age when he was a student at college. He wrote many great pieces of poetry like, ghazals, couplet (shers), quartrain (qitat), and poems (nazams). But, he mainly appeared as a poet of ghazal. Above all, Ahmad Faraz’s poetry is full of traditional subjects of romance and affection. Therefore, he has many lovers and followers in Pakistan, India and other countries. They all like and love Ahmed Faraz Poetry because of its unique style and heart-touching effect.

Ahmad Faraz Ghazals are very beautiful and prominent among Urdu readers. Ahmad Faraz best Poetry books are; Tanha Tanha, Janan Janan, Merey Khwab Reza Reza, Nabina Shehr Mein Aeina, Beawara Gali Kuchon Mein. His poetry collection is known as Kulliyat-e-Ahmad Faraz, titled Shahr-e-Sukhan Araasta Hai. If you want to read more about Ahmed Faraz Best Poetry, you can read here https://www.rekhta.org/poets/ahmad-faraz?lang=ur

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed our collection of Ahmad Faraz Sad poetry. Please drop a comment and tell us which verse (sher) of Ahmed Faraz Poetry you liked most. We want to hear from you.

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