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Urdu is one of the best languages in the world. It is the national language of Pakistan. Urdu Sad Poetry is very beautiful and sweet. Poetry is the best way to reveal your inner feelings.

The Urdu Language created the world’s best poets, authors, writers, novelists, and dramatists. However, Urdu Poetry is widely read and admired, most importantly in India and Pakistan. Modern youth have much craze for reading and writing Urdu poetry. The tensions and worries of everyday life make man’s life upset and disturbed. In such a situation, reading the Urdu Best Poetry can reduce mental stress.

Penpowerr.com offers you a great opportunity to read World’s Best Urdu Shayari with the best Urdu Shayari Pics. On this website, you can read a variety of Urdu Poets and their Best Urdu Shayri. Our team is glad to share this poetry with you. If you want to share our collection of Urdu Shayri with your friends or on your social media accounts, you can share anytime by clicking the sharing icons.

We have made a collection ranging from Urdu Sad Poetry to Urdu Romantic, Sufi, Friendship, Love, Hate, Funny, Hope, Bewafa, Trust, Heartbroken poetry, etc.

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A List OF Best Urdu Poets

Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Faiz Ahmad Faiz

Faiz Ahmad Faiz (1911-1984)

Faiz Ahmad Faiz is one of the Best Urdu Poets. His life has been very controversial because of his revolutionary political ideas for which he has been in jail. His poetry is a beautiful blend of classicism and romanticism.

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Ahmad Faraz Poetry
Ahmad Faraz

Ahmad Faraz (1931-2008)

Ahmad Faraz is a Best Urdu Poet known for his protestant and romantic approach. Love, romance, protest, and beauty are the significant features of Ahmad Faraz Poetry.

Read Ahmad Faraz Poetry

Allama Iqbal
Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal (1877-1938)

 Allama Muhammad Iqbal is among the great Urdu Poets, well known for his philosophy of Khudi (Self-recognition), and masterpiece poems like Shikwa, Jwab-e-Shikwa, and Dua Lab Pe Ati He Dua.

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John Elia Poetry
John Elia

John Elia (1931-2002)

John Elia is one of the greatest Urdu Poets of modern age, well known for his unique style and short verses. Love, hate, sadness, loneliness, death, loyalty, disloyalty, anxiety, nervousness and absurdism are some of the famous themes of John Elia Poetry. 

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Nasir Kazmi
Nasir Kazmi

Nasir Kazmi (1925-1972)

Nasir Kazmi is a great Urdu poet well known for his short verses and heart-touching effect. He mainly wrote poetry with the grief of partition of Sub-continent. 

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parveen shakir poetry
Parveen Shakir

Parveen Shakir (1952-1994)

Parveen Shakir is the best Female Poet of Urdu language. She was a teacher, civil servant and poet. She is famous for her love poetry with distinctive outlook and  new features. Her poetry is the true representative of modern female.

Read Parveen Shakir Poetry

Mirza Ghalib
Mirza Ghalib

Mirza Ghalib (1787-1869)

One of the greatest Urdu Classical Poets known for his best literary achievements in Urdu and Persian Poetry. His verses(shers) are often used as a quote in different movies and books. He is the best love poetry of Urdu Literature.

Read Mirza Ghalib Poetry

Mohsin Naqvi Poetry
Mohsin Naqvi

Mohsin Naqvi (1947-1996)

Mohsin Naqvi is the most famous modern Urdu poet. His Poetry is very popular and favourite of youth. He is the true representative of true feelings and passions of life, friendship, romance, etc.

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Rahat Indori

Rahat Indori (1950-2020)

Rahat Indori, a big name in Hindustani Urdu Poets well known for his motivational and inspirational poetry highlighting the social crime, discrimination, poverty, and political upheaval.

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